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If you are running low or out of SFH products. Please let your coach know or email anthony@moowateecrossfit.com to make sure we order the product(s) you need these. All pre-order sales will receive an additional 10% off of the prices listed below.

Protein- 2lb bags

Fuel $54.99 -(strawberry cream, coconut)- mixture of whey protein and coconut fat for a medium glycemic index carb to fuel your body.

Whey  $49.99(vanilla,chocolate)- pure whey Protein

Recovery $64.99 (chocolate)- post workout protein formulated to re-energize, recover, maintain joint health and flexibility by decreasing the negative effects of free radicals. By increasing your ATP production which is the energy powerhouse of your cells.


Omega -3 fish oil 8oz $59.99 (Berry for women) more than 3200mg EPA+DHA and Vitamins A,D3,B6,B12, and folic acid

SO3+D3 fish oil 8oz   $49.99– more than 3200mg EPA+DHA & 1000IU D3 orange,peppermint,lemon,vanilla,chocolate


Anabolic activator 2lb  $49.99. 10singles $29.99“Strong” (coffee)- a powerhouse trio of serum Protein, Creatine, and Glutamine. To produce a synergistic effect that builds strong muscle building conditions.

Push 2lb $54.99/ 10singles $29.99 (Black Cherry and Lemon Lime coming soon.)- stimulatesdrive and focus for demanding training; providing energy, endurance enhancers, hydration, antioxidant protection and BCAAs for protein synthesis



It’s that TIME of Year!back to schoolYou either enjoyed your break from the KiDs


You are getting ready to enjoy the kids back in school!

Either way we have 2 different deals for you to take   advantage of. But, we have a couple of rules for ya in order to take advantage of these deals, we need you to help spread the word.

Please complete the following to grab one of the 2 amazing offers!

1- Share this post on Facebook or IG

2- Contact Anthony @ 386-365-4876 or                       email Anthony@moowateecrossfit.com – to schedule a consult for this week. You must call or email to schedule your consult by 7pm Tuesday 8/9/2016.

He will give you details on the special BACK TO SCHOOL Deals during your Consult. This is the first time we have offered this type of Deal! So, press that share button and get the Consult scheduled!

Applies to new members only

Olympic Lifting Seminar

Kevin CornellYou asked..We are offering it. Limited spots     available (20) for

Olympic Lifting seminar (Snatch & Clean/Jerk progression) with 2x Arnold Classic Champion Kevin Cornell.  Sign up today to for 4hrs of jampacked ways to train, eat, and perform better.

“Train with NO LIMITS”- Kevin Cornell
Date: 8/27
TIme: 4 PM
Cost: $125 (members)
Contact Anthony for details!

Kids Classess

615kidsSo we have had tons of phone calls and emails inquiring about our Summer kid program. We are bringing it back starting very soon. Please contact us if you are interested in signing up your lil ones. Depending on interest we will bring back these classes which we will break down these class to age groups. Tiny Moo’s class for the lil ones school ages (1st-5th) Moowatee Teens (6th-9th)  a class perfect for the student athletes to help develop their athletic abilities. Read below for a brief description of what each class will entail.

Common general questions: Why should you have your child participate in our fitness program? Is weight training bad for my child? How will it help them mentally? lets give you some answers to those questions.

Question: Why should you child participate in the Moowatee CrossFit kids program? Answer: each one of our classes are led by at least one if not more trained professionals with a program designed to be age appropriate for that age group. Our programs are fun for the kids and will help them learn life skills and healthy eating habits.

Question: Is weight training or impact loading bad for my child?

Answer: NO..Numerous stidies have debunked that old Myth, showing that there is a direct link between physical activity and the increase in bone mineral density. One Study conducted by Oregon State Univ. found that children can significantly increase bone mass through weekly exercise programs that include ” impact loading” exercises. 2005 study presented to the American COllege od Sports MEdicine gave sound evidence “that resistance training brought about significant increases in strength and favorable body composition changes in overweight and obese children.” further press release stated that a safe and effective Strength training program that is designed and supervised has been shown to protect muscles and joints from injury,boost heart and lung function and lower cholesterol.

Question:How will it help them mentally?

Answer: Studies have shown that Americans are becoming less active with each passing year, especially with children and teens. Did you know that most kids spend on average 4-6hours a day playing with an electronic device (video game, TV, phone)? the Journal of Exercise Physiology looked at nearly 900,000 middle school aged kids to investigate the link between physical fitness and performance of standardized achievement test.Which stated that kids who were involved in exercise showed an amazing average of 15% increase on the test. ACTA Psychologica (2003) cited : increasing the amount of exercise it will allow for more blood flow to the brain, thereby delivering nutrients and oxygen to the brain cells at a higher rate. Perhaps even more importantly, exercise aids in the generation and retention of nerve cells and neural pathways. Our kids program will also assist in: increasing the ability to complete task, improve gross motor skills, and improve motor coordination and performance. It is our goal to not only improve you childs cardiovascular system but, to improve their ability to complete age appropriate development and daily functions. American College of Sports Medicine has stated “50% of preadolescent sport injuries could have been prevented in large part by a youth strength and conditioning program.” Our programs will emphasize on well-trained, low weight reps under a highly controlled and supervised environment.


Each class is tailored to the age group but, all classes will pair fitness and fun.

Tiny Moo’s (1st-5th grade)– 45min in length- Covers sane nutrition, mobility,  basic body movement skills, metabolic conditioning, and fun game.

Moowatee Teens (6th-9th grade)– 1 hour runs much like an adult class – 1hour in length- a perfect class for those middle school aged student and student  athletes. Covers-  Healthy eating tips, warm up, mobility, skill (body control/external object control), Metabolic conditioning, Cool Down.

All ages above 9th grade are welcome to particapate in the regular CrossFit classes as long as they display the maturity.

Moowatee CrossFit provides you and your child a fun and safe training eviroment aimed to to foster a generation of healthy fit indiviuals who require limited assitance and enjoy freedom of movement and activity thoughout their lifespans.

If you are interested please contat us ASAP for more details. The more intrest we have for these programs will allow us to start them sooner! Lets work together in insipring these children and teens to pursue a program designed to resolve the issues of a sedentary, noxiious lifestyle.

  • Anthony Davis – Owner/Trainer
  • 386-365-4876
  • info@moowateecrossfit.com





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