About Us

“Moowatee CrossFit” – What does it mean?

“Moowatee”-[ Moo-wa-tee]- is a word that our daughter made up when she was 2 years old. When she would ask for more water it sounded more like “Moowatee,” so that name kind of stuck with us since then. During our process of name searching with CrossFit HQ, this was the name approved by them due to the actual meaning of it – “ more water”.  We believe that each athlete that trains in our box, needs to begin their journey of high performance fitness with a strong nutritional foundation. Water, being one of the key elements of that, is something  you need to increase the amount you intake on a daily basis when you begin this type of training program.


Who are we?

 Well in short, we are Lake City’s first CrossFit box, providing  the highest level of high intensity functional training in this area. Our workouts of the Day “WODs” are Constantly Varied High Intensity Functional Movements. Our goal is to provide each athlete with a personal training experience every time you come WOD with us. We want to help you realize that you are actually capable of performing at a higher level than you think you are. We are trained and experienced on how to safely push each athlete above and beyond what they think are their limits, setting safe personal goals and records for the athlete on a frequent basis. Knowing every athlete has a different level of fitness, we can scale the workout to accommodate your fitness level while providing  the same high intensity challenge to you, as to every other athlete participating in the WOD.  You might ask yourself “is CrossFit for me?” “Do I need to get in shape before I do CrossFit?” Let us show you that yes, CrossFit is for anyone who wants to be in their best physical shape  and who wants to live a more functional life. We believe that CrossFit is the best starting point for anyone who wants to improve any aspect of fitness, health or well being,  simply because we are going to start with the basics and re-teach you several functional movements during the process of making you a more Functionally Fit person.

What do I get for my membership?

For about the same cost per month as two personal training sessions you at a global gym, you get: 

  • Daily workouts pre-designed by knowledgeable trainers specifically to optimize all areas of physical fitness.
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • One on one attention to address any and all of your needs, goals, and concerns.
  • Individualized coaching to ensure safe, and efficient movement.
  • A family of trainers and members, or as we think of them, fellow athletes who are there to celebrate with you when you set a personal record, and to pat you on the back and offer encouragement, when you find your biggest weakness, as every one of us has.
  • Absolute and measurable results!

 Each athlete is given a composition book where they log each workout they do. We record the aspects of each workout that determine the overall intensity of the workout; this can include weight used, reps or rounds completed in a given amount of time, or time taken to complete a given amount of work. This harnesses the competitive and motivating aspect of sport, making you your biggest competition

Many have found here, a level of support, accountability, and tough love that pushes you to be your best, that they’ve been unable to find elsewhere!

We are going to train you to be ready for anything life throws at you, anytime and anywhere! Are you ready to start down the road to a new and better, more fit you?

Find out more about our daily CrossFit Classes and the “On-Ramp” class series for new members.

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