Friday 4/24424

Warm-up: Group 400m run 2x (100 frontwards, 100 backwards), sampson 25m, 25m Butt Kick, 25m Knee Highs



15 ea TGU- Heavy manageable 30ea Pistols


50m Sled Push 180/140

15 K2E

                Box Jump Overs  

               15 Deadlift  225/155

15  Wall Balls 20/14

Cashout: 15 GHDRH & mobility

You need to Squat Deep! But, when?

I see video post with people only squatting like 6 inches all the time and we have athletes that come in and wonder why we enforce proper P.O.P. and depth for squats. My coaching staff see athletes with previous knee injuries and athletes that are super tight downstream who have issues with squatting on a daily basis. So, we are constantly trying to explain the importance of P.O.P of lifts, mobility and why. The squat is one of the most important functional movements that Americans have lost. I stumbled on this short article this morning and thought I would share it instead of the 6 page one I wrote. It should give you a little more insight from a another professional explaining the what’s and why’s.

Enjoy the read and Lift Smart!

– Anthony



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